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Monthly Archives: July 2015

ABH Studios – Alexis

Model: Alexis

ABH Studios – Miss Chevone

ABH Studios – Kicks N Karz – V103 Car and Bike Show

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ABH Studios – V103 Car & Bike Show

Behind the scenes with ABH Studios and Kicks N Karz (Hi-Line Motoring) at the 2015 V103 Car and Bike Show in the ATL.

V103 Car & Bike Show 2015

Model: Josselyn Marie

V103 Car & Bike Show 2015

ABH Studios (A.B.H.S Photography) teamed up with Hi-Line motoring to make a big splash at the V103 Car & Bike Show. The crowds were amazing and the buzz with the Kicks N Karz Ferrari(s) FF and F12 was crazy. These are two cars you may see in a magazine or advertisement but rarely on the street. 800K worth of pure fineness muscle is a sight to behold. If that means nothing to you, then the display of each retro Jordan […]

ABH Studios – Chevone

ABH Studios connected up with Chevone of ATL and headed out to one of the many breath taking spots around the ATL to shoot. After what we will call a healthy walk we arrived at the shoot location. Despite the heat and the humidity, Chevone warmed up and did her thing. We are encouraged by the fact that this was a first meet and she hit some home runs. Future shoots are going to be off the chain. Welcome Chevone […]

ABH Studios – Book A Shoot

ABH Studios – Egyptian Tint Shoot

Model: Josselyn Marie