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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Michelle Hooker – AEP Photo shoot

Michelle Hooker a featured model on this site shot with AURA EXPOSURES PHOTOGRAPHY and produced some really stunning pictures. All credit and rights are reserved for AURA EXPOSURES PHOTOGRAPHY. See the full gallery at ABH Studios supports Michelle’s efforts and works by providing wed and graphic design on her website. Enjoy!

305 Latina – PZI Jeans

Jojo took a shot at joining the team of PZI Jeans. Well lets just say they liked what they saw. ABH Studios can take no credit for this accomplishment other than to say a few encouraging words going into the call back and helping to take the submission photos. As you can see, its not how you get there, its what you do after you arrive. Congrats to Jojo and we hope to feature her here at ABH Studios for […]

To Makeup or Not to Makeup – Funny

Ok, I admit it, I laughed so hard on this. Unlike this video, Makeup for your photo shoot is a very serious thing. It can make or break your photo session. Please, seriously consider seeking professional assistance unless your are extremely skilled. If you have never had a professional makeup makeover, I highly recommend it. As a Photographer and touch up artist, professional make up is the way to go. Photoshop has its limitations. For a consistently smooth and even […]

Colombiana 77 – The Door II

See the full photo set at

Forgiatofest – Miami

Coming soon, ABH Studios will hook up with Hi-Line Motoring for an “on the Road” Event in Miami Florida. We look forward to this event as the kick off for a series of events to come showcasing some of the finest automobiles the world has to offer. And now these are not your fathers automobiles….

Colombiana 77- The Door

ABH Studios met up with the newest addition to the ABH Studios family, Colombiana 77. After a quick scout of the area, a location was found that was just full of character. If you did not know better, you would think you were in another country. We see big things coming from this beginning model/star. Click the image above to view the gallery. Click below for VIDEO. Stay tuned for part two of this photo session.

Jojo – By the pier II