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Monthly Archives: November 2014

ABH Studios – Josselyn Marie

In studio shoot with Josselyn Marie. You might notice that she is wearing wings. We will have to do an in depth interview with her to see what that is all about Lol…. Look for more pictures soon from this photo shoot. As always, check us out on Instagram @abhstudios for a preview and additional shots.Model: Josselyn Marie

ABH Studios Pinup shoot with Christan Willis

Model: Christan Willis. See more on Instagram @abhstudios.

ABH Studios Pinup Shoot with Jennnifer G

ABH Studios Portraits

Our lives are so very different but, one common denominator runs true with just about all of us. We love our kids and we struggle to find the time to spend with them that our parents did with us. Well, when you get those few and far in-between special moments, let ABH Studios be there to assist so that you can enjoy each and every moments. Let the long arm selfies go and let a professional capture that special moment. […]

ABH Studios – Your Best Pictures are Waiting

ABH Studios – First Round Knockout with Josselyn Marie

ABH Studios has had the pleasure of working with an upcoming new model Josselyn Marie. Developing a portfolio can be a little tricky if you are not already experienced. It can take a considerable mount of time and a very deep pocket if you are waiting on paying gigs to supplement your portfolio or decide to hire a photographer to shoot for your portfolio. Either way, it can be a daunting task. That is where ABH Studios can assist. A […]

ABH Studios – Josselyn Marie VS

ABH studios answered a special request by Miss Josselyn Marie. A Victoria Secret photo shoot. Now we make no claims to be shooting for VS but We can say for sure that Miss Josselyn Marie was on fire and set the camera on fire. A really enjoyable shoot to say the least. To see more of this shoot, check us out on Instagram @abhstudios. Model:Josselyn Marie

ABH Studios – Instagram | Jennifer G.

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AbH Studios 2014 Calendar – November

Model: Jennifer G.