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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Jennifer Garcia – ABH Studios Instagram

Model: Jennifer Garcia

ABH Studios – 2014 Calendar Shoot with Jennifer Garcia

Model: Jennifer Garcia

ABH Studios – Jennifer Garcia

ABH Studios had the pleasure of shooting with Jennifer Garcia for the 2014 Calendar. We were quite surprised with Jennifer’s adventurous personality. We put together some really off the charts pictures as a direct result of her willingness to push the envelope. We welcome Jennifer to ABH Studios and look forward to many more shoots with her that push the limits. You can see behind the scenes photos on Instagram. Look us up at @abhstudios. Model: Jennifer Garcia

Miriam Arias – YSP Fitness

Miriam has come a long way since our first shoot in which she looked like the girl next door that you hate you did not be much nicer to her when you were younger. Of course she is all grown up now. We see good things coming from her in the next year, especially if ABH Studios has anything to say about it. If you are a fan, sign in to Instagram (@abhstudios) and double tap the like button on […]

Jessica Cruz – YSP Fitness

We have only had two photo sessions with Jessica but, it seems like she has been around forever. We look forward to many more shoots with this upcoming model. Keep checking back, we plan to release more pictures from her second shoot. If you look close, you will see a few of her shots in the upcoming 2014 Calendar. Model: Jessica Cruz

2014 Calendar Coming Soon

Looking to release our 2014 calendar soon. Looking to shoot one more time before month end. It is still not too late to contact us to be a part of this project. Hit us up at We are looking for swimsuit and sports outfits to be shot with a water setting. Models: Christan Willis | Michelle Hooker | Miriam Arias | Jessica Cruz 12428

ABH Studios 2014 Calendar Shoot

We have some really great shots so far but, we are still looking for a few more models for the 2014 calendar. If interested, contact Allen at All shooting will be concluded by October 31. Contact asap for details.

ABH Studios – Instagram

A Few of the things you may have missed on INSTAGRAM. Get the app and make a request at @abhstudios.

ABH Studios – Jessica Cruz Yargo State Park (YSP)

ABH Studios also met up with Jessica Cruz for her second shoot with ABH Studios. She joined Miriam Arias to shoot for a 2014 Calendar. Both are good friends which really showed in the support given to the other. We even managed to get them to shoot together which we will post at a later date. Click on image below to view gallery. Model: Jessica Cruz

ABH Studios – Miriam Arias Yargo State Park (YSP)

ABH Studios met up with Mariam Arias at an interesting little spot in Yargo State Park, Ga. Click the picture to see one of the picture sets shot for a 2014 calendar. Other pictures will be released later after final calendar shots have been selected. Model: Miriam Arias