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Monthly Archives: June 2017

ABH Studios – Gemz 68 Magazine Volume 8

We are happy to bring you a very special issue filled with some great photography from ABH Studios and two very talented photographers from Nashville,TN and Atlanta, GA. The issue also features a new comer based out of Nashville and two models working through the DVM Productions photography camp. We also took ABH Studios portfolio models Josselyn and Barbara to the Golden Isles where we met up with a Jacksonville model out of the Jax Power Circle modeling group, Amore. All this adds up to a very nice photography visual and a good read. Ahhhhhh…. but wait to see what we also ran into in the Golden Isles from Josselyn, Barbara and Amore. Unfortunately it will have to wait until the next issue. Look at the contents page and you will get a gimpse into what is to come.

ABH Studios – Gemz 68 Magazine Volume 8 Promo

Gemz 68 Magazine Volume 8 comes out Friday June 30th. Featuring Morgan Paige Carter on the cover. Take a read and jump over to IG (@abhstudios) and show your appreciation of her hard work by giving her a like and telling a friend or two to do the same.

ABH Studios – Gemz 68 Magazine Behind The Scenes Golden Isles Georgia

Once again we hit the road in pursuit of something a little different. We found it and more in the Golden Isles in South Georgia. We made our way from St. Simmons East Beach to the northern tip of Jekyll Island. Beautiful models and incredible backdrops equals some truly amazing pictures. Check us out on Instagram and in the next issue of GEMZ 68 Magazine for more pictures and video from this very successful trip. If you like what you […]

ABH Studios – Gemz 68 Magazine 4Th of July Issue

Special feature this month with Morgan Carter, She is truly a Gem on the rise. Gemz 68 Magazine on sale July 2017

ABH Studios – Gemz 68 Magazine Volume 8

Gemz 68 Magazine Volume 8 coming July 2017

ABH Studios – Jupiter Florida Lighthouse

Flying drones has become an obsession and a very thrilling challenge. Whenever the opportunity presents itself we don’t hesitate to seize the moment. Blank SD card and a full battery with a little courage is all that’s needed. If you have not had the pleasure, you should treat yourself. Just use a little common sense. Fly Responsibly.