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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Air Jordan Retro 9 “Grey Wolfs”

If you have ever owned a pair of Air Jordan sneakers, then you know how big the shoe game is. Having not owned a pair for several years, i broke down and bought the Air Jordan 9 “Grey Wolfs” Not the most comfortable pair i have owned but definitely the most expensive. The Retro line of the Air Jordans can set you back a nice little Penney. Lets just say that a popular pair will cost you 200+ but, the […]

ABH Studios – Raysa P.

Its been a minute and we were not sure we were going to be able to convince RP to shoot again. Well, she did and despite the time being on the short side, she killed it. With a new potential venture on the horizon, we cant reveal it just yet but, we hope RP will allow ABH Studios to be a part. Going from just over 400 followers on instagram to over 900 in 4 days is a very good […]

Kicks N Karz – Powder Blue 10’s Video

Jessica Cruz Powder Blue Retro 10s – Kicks N Karz

Model: Jessica Cruz

Kicks N Karz – Air Jordan Retro 10 Powder Blue

Kicks N Karz teamed up with Jessica Cruz for the very first Kicks N Karz photo shoot. Sportin Air Jordan Retro 10s Powder Blue, Jessica met up with ABH Studios for a quick down and dirty photo shoot. With the back drop of a blue door, the first Kicks N Karz Photo shoot began. The combination of the blue door and the Powder Blue 10’s was a great mix. See additional pictures from this shoot on INSTAGRAM @abhstudios & @kicksnkarz. […]