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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Cruz – 54 Chevy Part III

Rali Ivanova – Gemz 68 Magazine 1st Edition

Model: Rali Ivanova

V-103 Car & Bike Show 2013

ABH Studios and Hi-Line Motoring mingled with a festive, very civil and energetic crowd. With an all access pass, we were able to get great pictures. Unfortunately, we were not able to get you up close and personal with the vehicles showcased in Celebrity Row but, we were able to capture the essence of the collection. Maybe next year we can get started a little sooner in the year and get back stage access as well as access to some […]

Hi-Line Motoring Mag Atlanta Edition

ABH Studios and Hi-Line Motoring hooked up once again to hit the V-103 Car & Bike Show. Once again a very outstanding show with an unbelievable attendance. Much respect for the organizers for such an entertaining event but, also a very good security. There are not to many events that can show you a wide range of Cars & Bikes from street kings to luxury kings, from straight up performance masters to serious eye candy. This show had it all, […]

Jessica Cruz – 54 Chevy Part II

Model: Jessica Cruz

V-103 car & Bike Show 2013

ABH Studios and Hi-Line Motoring once again will team up to attend the V-103’s Car & Bike Show in Atlanta Ga. The plan is to bring you pictures of hot cars, bikes, entertainment including some backstage activities. If you will be at the show and run into us, pose for a picture. You just might end up in the next edition of Hi-Line Motoring Magazine.

Jessica Cruz

ABH Studios had the pleasure of shooting with what we believe is a rising star. Just her first shoot with ABH Studios and she hit a few home runs. We look forward to working with Cruz on many more projects and portfolio development. CLICK IMAGE below to see the first gallery from this shoot. Jessica, welcome and great shoot.Model: Jessica Cruz Admin

C h r i s t a n

Veronica Q

ABH Studios had the pleasure of shooting with the beautiful Veronica Q. Veronica has been very busy appearing in several well known music videos and is currently looking to launch a serious pursuit in getting published in major magazines. Well, although her 1st official solo photo shoot with ABH Studios, we plan on shooting again soon with a GEMZ 68 Magazine theme in mind. One thing you can’t deny is those eyes. They jump out at you like rare GEMZ….. […]

Miriam Arias – Blue Door

Click Image to View Gallery