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V103 Car & Bike Show 2015

ABH Studios (A.B.H.S Photography) teamed up with Hi-Line motoring to make a big splash at the V103 Car & Bike Show. The crowds were amazing and the buzz with the Kicks N Karz Ferrari(s) FF and F12 was crazy. These are two cars you may see in a magazine or advertisement but rarely on the street. 800K worth of pure fineness muscle is a sight to behold. If that means nothing to you, then the display of each retro Jordan released for 2015 on display probably means nothing also. That is huge. Several visitors were seen pointing out the pairs they owned and some pointing out the ones they would love to own. Good luck finding a pair and that pair being your size. The car game and the shoe game is huge as witnessed at the V103 Car & Bike Show. A.B.H.S was there to capture some truly inspiring moments.

V103 C&B Show 2015 056-1