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Tag : Theater Entertainment

Theater Entertainment – Iron Man 3 “2013”

Ahhhhh one of the all time favorites. If you have not seen IRON MAN one or two, then this is a good time to visit your local Red Box or Block Buster store, they do still exist right? Get both copies and do an IRON MAN Marathon. The spring of 2013 will see the release of this sequel and it is slated to go head to head with the new release of Superman.

Theater Entertainment – Man of Steel “2013”

Those of you who are Superman fans will remember the many versions of Superman that has hit the big screen. A quick run through YouTube, which can be educational if you stay on the right path, produced a trailer that I was unaware of. Not that I am an extreme social butterfly but, i get around a little bit. So I thought that I would share my finding with my many friends…… This really caught my eye. I will definitely […]