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Rali Ivanova – Christan Willis – Michelle Hooker – Gemz68 Mag – Carmine Warren

Seems like it was yesterday but, the shoot in Sarasota was several months ago. Thanks to the ladies for making the shoot a memorable one. We look forward to shooting with them again real soon. Click on image to enlarge…..

Christan Willis – Quick Blink

Behind the Scenes ABH Studios & DDM

ABH Studios teamed up with DDM, Christan W., Michelle H. and Colombiana 77 for a promotional shoot for Another Phase Jewelry designed by Karen Roache. The combination of great models and stunning jewelry made for a great shoot. A sneak peak can be found in the video but we hope to show you some of the great pictures soon. Click image above to view video.

DDM * DJ Talley* R20 Behind The Scenes

ABH Studios linked up with DDM, DJ Talley and R20 for an Impressions Magazine Shoot.

Michelle H – Steel PII

Click Image to view gallery.

Michelle H – Steel

Its been a long time coming and ABH Studios was there to ensure a direct connect. Michelle met up with ABH Studios for a shoot at a major Rebarb Steel Fabrication plant. The shoot not only produced some great shots but, entertained a few hard hats who should have been hard at work. A special thanks to the excellent and helpful management staff to make this shoot possible. See gallery of pictures HERE.

On Set With DJ Talley, Dee Brown (R20), Pharaoh Lyfe and Dazzling Diverse Models

ABH Studios received an invitation form JoJo of Dazzling Diverse Models (305-Latina) to a photo shoot held at a Mansion in the Atlanta Metro area. After a quick meet and greet at a predetermined location, the convoy made its way to the mansion. Right off the bat, the crew of DJ Talley and Dee Brown (R20) got busy with planning out the shoot. ABH Studios was impressed with the vision and focus of this dynamic team. Although just spreading their […]

Dazzling Diverse Models – ATL Shoot

ABH Studios and the Dazzling Diverse Models group were guests to a DJ Talley/ Dee Brown AKA R20 photo shoot in an exclusive location just outside of Atlanta Ga. This is the first time the Modeling group has graced the pages of ABH Studios. However, there is a familiar face in the group, 305-Latina (Miss Jojo). ABH Studios appreciates the opportunity DJ Talley and his crew provided to shoot in such a lavish location. We hope to shoot with the […]

CW – Promotional Shoot

ABH Studios met up with Christan for a promotional shoot. This was the second shoot with this Clothing line for a company based out of Tennessee. From Track side graffiti printed walls to a sandy beach, Christan puts it down once again.

CW – Graffiti Stroll

Atlanta has many remote locations on both ends of the spectrum. Today Christan and ABH Studio took a quick stroll in one of the more interesting places in Downtown Atlanta. Although not representative of all the vibrant City has to offer but, definitely a big part of the flavor. Part one of a two part series.To see the second addition of this Hot! shoot, visit Gallery coming soon.