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C h r i s t a n

Rali Ivanova – Christan Willis – Michelle Hooker – Gemz68 Mag – Carmine Warren

Seems like it was yesterday but, the shoot in Sarasota was several months ago. Thanks to the ladies for making the shoot a memorable one. We look forward to shooting with them again real soon. Click on image to enlarge…..

Christan – Quick Blink

Model: Christan Willis

Christan Willis – Quick Blink

CW Images – Carmine Warren

Fresh of the Press, this picture was provided by CW Images out of Orlando Fl., Carmine Warren. Carmine has been a tremendous help and friend to ABH Studios. The trip to Sarasota Fl, Lido Beach is the first of what ABH Studios plans on being an ongoing collaboration. Much respect to CW for the assistance in making the trip a memorable one for both ABH Studios and the models involved.

Christan – Lido Beach Sarasota Fl.

Get your 12×18 Calendar of Christan Willis today. This larger than large calendar is definitely a wall calendar. If you have enjoyed the picture sets here at ABH Studios, you will love this calendar, especially if you are a fan of Christan Willis. Click on Image below to order calendar.

Another Phase Promotional shoot – 305-L, DDM, CW, MH, C77

ABH Studios hooked up with the team for a Promotional shoot with Another Phase Jewelry by Karen Roache. ABH Studios will be working with Another Phase to launch a new website in 2013. The jewelry you see here plus hundreds of unique pieces will be for sale online. Special thanks to all the models (including those not pictured here) that participated in this promotional shoot. Also, special thanks to an unexpected assistant who shot the video footage. He knows who […]

Behind the Scenes ABH Studios & DDM

ABH Studios teamed up with DDM, Christan W., Michelle H. and Colombiana 77 for a promotional shoot for Another Phase Jewelry designed by Karen Roache. The combination of great models and stunning jewelry made for a great shoot. A sneak peak can be found in the video but we hope to show you some of the great pictures soon. Click image above to view video.

Behind the Scenes

CLICK IMAGE TO SEE VIDEO GALLERY If you are thinking about working with ABH Studios, take a little time and do some research to ensure that you can hold up your end of the deal. We can set the stage and capture the images but, you have got to bring it. You have got to deliver on the shot(s). The better you are prepared, the better the shoot. We have assembled a series of videos of models that know how […]