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Gemz 68 Magazine Volume 4 – Free Preview


We are extremely happy to have put out our 4th volume of Gemz 68 Magazine. If you are here reading/ reviewing the magazine. THANK YOU!!
Once you have given the mag a once over, head on over to our Instagram page (@abhstudios) and leave us a comment. We would love to know what you think and if you like what we are doing. Gemz 68 Magazine is about portfolio development and photography. We are always looking for new faces and for individuals interested in creating great pictures. If you been thinking about it, its time to make that contact and get started today. We would love to help you learn to take your best pictures.

Gemz 68 Magazine Volume 4

Gemz 69 Magazine Coming Soon to MagCloud.

ABH Studios – Reserved Take II

Reserved Take II featuring I Am Amore. Shot in Jacksonville Fl with DJI Inspire 1 Black Edition X5 camera. She is simply amazing….

ABH Studios – I Am Amore

We had the pleasure of working with this young lady a little while back and was so taken with her that we are working hard on setting up another session with her. Maybe a Christmas set. We shall see. Look for a small spotlight in the next edition of Gemz 68 Magazine and this picture in an advertisement. She is on fire and an extreme joy to work with.

ABH Studios – Alexis all white

Studio work with Alexis. Its been a while since we have worked but she has not missed a beat. We look forward to the next photo session with her, we know it will be sizzling.

ABH Studios – All White

The lovely Alexis in all white in a studio session with ABH Studios.

ABH Studios – Reserved Featuring “I Am Amore” Part 2

We here at ABH Studios are pleased that we were finally able to catch up with the lovely “I AM Amore” Sometimes you can start off with the greatest of plans and find that the simple things are just too hot to pass up. We began shooting in a parking deck with the intent to shoot on the roof. Well, Amore started doing what she does best and we went straight from pictures on a small stairway to the open […]

ABH Studios – Amore B&W

Model: I Am Amore

ABH Studios – I Am Amore

ABH Studios had the distinct pleasure of working with the lovely model known all over the South East as I Am Amore. We traveled to her neck of the woods and with no pre-planning, met at a parking structure just outside of downtown Jacksonville Florida. We did our research but, were blown away by the might of this young lady. We look forward to the next shoot with AMORE. Look for a feature in an up coming issue of Gemz […]

ABH Studios – JMP Sunset

Sunset set shoot for Gemz 68 Magazine Cover Shoot in Navarre Beach Florida. JMP has come a long way since beginning her portfolio work with ABH Studios. Be sure to check out her cover coming out this month, Volume 4.