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Custom Large Prints – Calendars

ABH specializes in custom large prints and large print calendars. If you have a high resolution picture that you would like to use, that is ok. Ensure that you have the correct release permissions and you are good to go. OR, you can call and set up a photo shoot with ABH Studios and inquire about custom large prints and calendars. Cost depends on the complexity of the large print. Weather a birthday, holiday or just because, a custom Large […]

Hi-Line Motoring – Models Needed

Hi-Line Motoring is looking for models with that special something that can tangle with the worlds most Exotic and Luxury Automobiles. If you have what it takes, send your best photos with cars to ABH Studios At As soon as selections have been made, you will be notified of where and when. All shoots will be done in and arround the South Florida Area. Ensure you include contact and fitting information. You could be the one to grace the […]

If you have ever traveled from north Georgia to downtown Atlanta on Interstate 85, you have seen this billboard. Check out the latest addition. Rumor has it that ABH Studios had something to do with it. The featured model is Christan Willis. Web site coming soon.

Jenisa Y.

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Christan W LP PIII

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Elizabeth W. LP PII

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Christan W. LP Part II

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Christan W. LP Part 1

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Elizabeth LP Part 1

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Christan & Elizabeth Lanora Park

Christan and Elizabeth met up with ABH Studios at Lanora park for some good old fashion farming, picture farming that is. Here is a small sample of the shoot. Galleries coming soon.